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DJRadiocutter's News

Posted by DJRadiocutter - August 23rd, 2022

What's up guys, I finally got my password back and want to let everyone still active on here to check out my new YouTube out where I've been uploading all of my newest tracks under the name Elytrex Music!

Link to the YT is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyQHwicPBfMLoQKUEfdZeaQ

Recently I have decided not only to release songs, but also FLP projects for learning purposes every so often, so people can see how I/others work in FL Studio to create specific sounds and recreations of other peoples songs.

An example of this would be my 10GB FLP that is a remake of Virtual Riot's 'Stay For A While'. You can take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtqO7lgwnL8

I feel like my progress hasn't slowed down, and that since my last few uploads on this platform that my skills have increased a whole bunch, but I'll let you be the judge of that, so feel free to give feedback and reviews in the comment section on my YT too! I check my notifications every day I can, so it shouldn't be long before I respond to your feedback either.

Anyways I would definitely appreciate if you guys could check out the YT, seeing as it has all new music of mine that NG has never heard, since July 2021


Posted by DJRadiocutter - February 2nd, 2019

am ams being baque, and migh spellingue is sewper gud twodeigh


But seriously i've been gone for too long, and i feel bad, so i'm doing some freaking hard dubstep as my gift to you guys!

Coming soon... RIOT EP

DJRadiocutter - Riot EP (Coming Soon)



Posted by DJRadiocutter - July 6th, 2018


@AndoGDTunes (Embl3m), @Hyenaedon, @themajician and I made a YT channel called audiophile alliance.



We are a group of 4 musicians of average skill, who aim to help those in need of it to produce better music, and learn from us, and in turn, we'll learn a few things too, which, in my opinion, is for the best.

     We aim to be the most crowd controlled tutorial channel out there, and so your opinion does really matter. Everyone's thoughts count!

     We offer only the best quality soundbanks, from ourselves, and our subscribers, as user submitted content will be also uploaded with links you have provided to all of your social media in the descriptions.

Submit your user created content (Sample packs, soundbanks, tutorial videos, advice, presets, etc...) to AudiophileAlliance@gmail.com

     Everything we have on our channel is free.as that is what we see as a large problem in todays music. people aren't willing for example, to pay 127$ USD for a cymatics soundbank. or 99$ USD for a DAW that you can get with most of it's features free anyway.

     We will have all of the following types of content. not what you were thinking we'd have? Contact us about it at AudiophileAlliance@gmail.com, and one of us will respond to your message. just don't message too often, or your messages will land in our spam folder, and none of us want that. 

     - Fruity Loops Project Files (.flp)
     - Soundbanks/Drum Packs (.zip)
     - Tutorials of most subgenres of EDM (suggestions for tuts are highly appreciated!)
     - Preset Packs/Preset Banks (.zip)
     - Patcher presets/Free plugins
     -Anything else the crowd (anyone reading this) can come up with!

     We will be uploading once we get everything needed setup, and we hope to see user content submitted often, as we'll try to accept as much of it as possible.

     Untill next time, or next video, i guess, we wish you the best, musically, and just in general,

     -The audiophile alliance team (Hynaedon, DJRadiocutter, Embl3m, and Themajician)


Seem like something you'd be interested in? Check it out here!



Posted by DJRadiocutter - July 2nd, 2018

Ok, it's update time!


So, lately, i haven't been uploading much. Why is this? Well, some of you may know, i have recently purchased FL studio fruity edition, so i may now save, close, and re-open FLPs, as for when i had the demo version, i couldn't do that.


There is however, inconveniences to that:

  • Playlist editor features are limited, as you cant actually drag and drop audio files into it, and you have to put them into the channel rack.
  • This takes much longer, since most audio files are crossfaded (which means they loop as long as you hold the key down) so you have to find the exact time of the file, and them make the note as long as this. A millisecond too long, and you get a small click sound of the re-started audiofile at the end of your note, which, lemme tell you, doesn't sound good. A millisecond short, and you'll cut off the tail of the audio file, which is good if it's an open hat, but otherwise not so much.

I am not necessarily soully focusing on music production, as i have a videogame coding class this week, and i'm trying to get some sprites made before that, to save time.

I also just learned how to make a VST (Which i might add, is really cool) and if you want, i could send you the one i just finished making called:


Genesis - Chordsynth 16241361_153053828423_ScreenShot2018-07-02at10.24.39AM.png

This plugin, requires:

  • Patcher Version or Higher (FLStudio native)
  • FLStudio 20 or Higher (for: Limiter, EQ, Organization Purposes, Patcher, Distortion Plugins, etc...)
  • Serum VST Build 1.215 Or Higher 
  • Unnaturally high CPU power (xD)


If you want the Plugin, just shoot me an email saying so at DJRadiocuttersounds@gmail.com

I'm also making one called:



  • Patcher Version or Higher (FLStudio native)
  • FLStudio 20 or Higher (for: Limiter, EQ, Organization Purposes, Patcher, Distortion Plugins, etc...)
  • Serum VST Build 1.215 Or Higher 
  • Unnaturally high CPU power (xD)

This one, however, Is a Work In Progress (WIP) So it will not be avaiable to the public (Yet)

I will update this news post when Revelation - AcidSynth 1 is complete, so be on the lookout for that.


Summer vacation so far has been pretty fun (Although, we haven't really done anything, so...) My plans for this summer (Music related anyway,) are:

     - Upload DJRadiocutter X Embl3m - Drop The Plank to Youtube.

     - Finish, my sample pack: Reaper - FLStudio Essentials/Beginner Pack.


I am aiming towards having:

          - 32 Serum Presets

               - 4 Chill Presets

               - 4 Future Bass Presets

               - 9 Miscellaneous Presets

               - 15 Dubstep / Brostep / Glitch Hop Presets

          -  64 Drums

               - 16 Hats

               - 13 Kicks

               - 14 Snares

               - 9 Drumloops

               -12 Misc Drums

          - 16 FLPs (All a different Genre)

     - UPLOAD JEWELS ALBUM!!! (Yeah, you heard right :)

     - Finish collabs with @TheMajician and @Jeemboo 1216

     - TheMajician X DJRadiocutter -  "Jade VIP Mix"

     - Jeemboo X DJRadiocutter -  "Virus Detected" in his album "System Breakdown"


     So far that's all, but i will update this post as things change, so check about once every two weeks if you don't want to miss anything important :)


Plus, by now you're probably either really bored, or if you're a true fan, really excited (i think(?))


Anyway, Good Day/Night depending on where you live at the moment, and i will see you later,




Posted by DJRadiocutter - June 1st, 2018

So, let me just say it was really fun listening to all of your different remixes!

But, as you know, i have to judge them all, and give them a ranking. since i had only five entries, (TheMajician's didn't show up for some reason, but i'll add him anyway) the winers of the 2018 DJRadiocutter' Remix Contest aaarrrreee...


1st) The Void (Embl3m Chill Remix)

2nd) I Got Some Bass (TheMajician Remix)

3rd) Electric Dreams (Jeemboo Remix)

4th) FM From B (Thexta Remix)

5th) Vision (Neyra Tropical House Remix)

6th) Nuclear (71011-Ninjer Chill Cover)


Thank you all for participatng in the DJRadiocutter Remix Contest Of 2018! (Check Previous Entries For Prizes!)


Till the next time!




Posted by DJRadiocutter - April 9th, 2018

Hey! I'm Thinking of doing a remix contest!

Example: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/800274?updated=1523400571

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA9Q7963Rps

8 Participants:


Embl3m (AndoGDTunes)











1st: Choice between a song written for them, (comission,)  or a collab with me. You also get what 2nd and 3rd got.

2nd: Choose a song, and i will do my best to do a remix of it. not just a bad one because i couldn't come up with a good second prize You also get wat 3rd got.

3rd: Followed by me on SoundCloud, YouTube, and here. 


Here are some basic Rules:

1) I want at least 5 contestants, so if there's any less, i will not do it... at least not within the season

2) The Max amount is one hundred, but thats insanely unlikely.

3) I will be expecting a remix of any of my tracks made from january - presant. any other tracks will be (No matter how good) Disqualified.

4) The deadline to have your remix in is by June 1 (Subject to change, within a month of both direction), so you should have lots of time.

5) You may change the genre of the song, but please, keep the basic structure and melodies (yes, modifications to the two are allowed, just, subtly...)

6) Please, this is a contest for beginner level musicians: 0-2 years of experience, or, less than 500 followers on any social media. you are not subject to both. however, if you exeed both (2+ Years Of Experience/  500+ Followers), then you cannot participate... sorry :\

7) Remixes must be tagged as #RadiocuttersRC2k18, so that they get on my radar.

8) You are allowed a max of three entries.

9) Remixes MUST Be titeled as :

DJRadiocutter - "Name Of Song" ("Composer/Real Name" Remix)

If you are caught outside the boundaries of any of rules 4), 6), 8) or 9), you will not be able to participate in further contests by me. being caught outside the boundaries of any others gives a one year suspension to any other contests within the year. the only one i don't really care about is 5)... have fun with it!

If you have any other questions, or concerns, email me at DJRadiocutterSounds@gmail.com, and i'll get back to you as soon as possible, and if i thin kit's major, i may add it here ;)


Best of luck,



Posted by DJRadiocutter - March 3rd, 2018

Hey! It's been a while.

As you most likely wknow, Jewels is taking a little longer than expected. Apologies for this delay. Uranium is now not being done, and there is now 11 songs in my album, and so it will be a little less until it comes out.


Uranium - Excluded

Jade - Finished

Onyx - Finished

Topaz - Finished

Amethyst - Finished

Emerald - Finished

Diamond - Finished

Sapphire - Finished

Turquoise - WIP

Garnet - WIP

Opal - WIP

Ruby - Not Started


I just entered a contest that ZYZYX put up called the Zyzyx Remix Competition, and i did a remix of his song: Scars. I really hope i do good :)

Learning serum is takign a little tiny bit longer than i thought it would, but then again, it's the most complicated (from what i've been told) to figure out.

I'm curently making a samle pack called DJRadiocutter - EDM Essentials, which is just what it sounds like: a pack of sounds that are imo essential to make EDM. Filled with Low passed kicks and hard hittn' snares to high pitched plucks and slaming basses. also it has some serum presets, mostly bass, to make EDM for anyone who likes it enough to buy Serum.

After Jewels, i'm gonna make a piratestep called "Drop the plank", and if anyone wants to do that with me, that'd be great!

I'm STILL waiting on FL 20 to come out, and IL still hasn't given even an obscure release date. so no one has ANY idea of when it's to come out :\ I'm sure i'm not the only one waiting.

So... yeah :) that's pretty much what's up with me, and i'm curious to see how this year works out.



Posted by DJRadiocutter - January 1st, 2018


Wow, 2017 Wnet by so fast, i just cnt believe it's over! i started the newyear off with a song called "See Ya 2017!" and if you dont know whare to find it, its here:


NG: https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/782244

SC: https://soundcloud.com/dj-radiocutter/djradiocutter-see-ya-2017

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7nuB0mbDoE

Thanks to these people:

@Themajician For helping me do better music, get a better mix, and letting me collab with him muliple times, And just for the ENDLESS support he's given me over the course of the year!

@Hyenaedon For helping me do some different styles of music, and providing extremely useful and valid feeback, and also for the ENDLESS Support given throughout 2017!

@InfinityOfficial and @SoundUnity For letting me participate in "The Dubstep Wars 2017" I will join again and put all of my powers in music knowledge into the contest of 2018!

@AndoGDTunes, or @Alistic i guess, for opening my eyes and showing me how fast begginiers can go on to become Great musicians and dominate the audio portal eventually!

@Stormblast XL, @Hyenaedon, @Themajician,  @Jeemboo1216, @Sadobeam, @OJWOWO, @Thapredator, @Kounterattack, @Jellyjamsox, And Lat but not least, @HaloHalo For being part of My album "Jewels" (Stil a WIP)

To Mom and Dad for letting me hog the computer 24/7 and letting me overload the Electrical Bill! xD

To my 107 subscribers on YT for helping me do better in music, and for the support. i wouldn't be here without you guys!

To My 31 Fans on NG For the same reason as YT!

To my 30 fans on SC for the same reaason as NG! 

And finally, to all of my friends who have supported me throughout my entire life, and may school end soon! PLEASE!

May we all have a great year, and a good day!





Posted by DJRadiocutter - December 26th, 2017

Guys, i got SERUM!!!


i alredy made two skins for it, and that's before i even knew HOW to use it xD


If i can find a place to put 'em, i'll put them on it, with a free download. one is a purple, pink and black space themed skin, with a pink colour map, and the other is a green and black Liquid/Toxic themed Skin

The skins will be called the following:

- Elixir


- Potion

And the skins look like this:



So... yeah. i need a place to put them... i could use some help on that :)


Oh and i may make some more... i like the idea of serum skins :)



Posted by DJRadiocutter - October 20th, 2017

Hi guys, as you most likely know, i am making a new album, and i just got a final submission for ruby, and here is the list i will be collabing with for my new album.  i need 100 subs on YT and then i will put out the album, and get a bit more free time to do whatever i want... (i miss those days :P)



  • Emerald:           Finished                        [Trance/Upbeat]            TAKEN BY HYENAEDON
  • Diamond:          Finished                        [Electro/Hardcore]         TAKEN BY ME
  • Amethyst:          Finished                        [Chillectronic]                TAKEN BY JEEMBOO1216
  • Ruby:                                                      [Dark/Ambient]              TAKEN BY HALO HALO
  • Sapphire:                                                [Space/Dark]                 TAKEN BY KOUNTERATTACK
  • Turquoise:                                               [Space/Breakbeat]         TAKEN BY JELLYJAMSOX 
  • Jade:                 Finished       Out Now   [Calm/Trance]                 TAKEN BY THEMAJICIAN
  • Onyx:                Finished                        [Dark/Electro]                  TAKEN BY STORMBLAST XL
  • Opal:                                                       [Bright/moving]               TAKEN BY THAPREDATOR
  • Topez:                                                     [Orchestral/Intense]        TAKEN BY OJWOWO 
  • Garnet:                                                    [Trance/Glitch hop]         TAKEN BY SADOBEAM
  • Uranium:                                                 [Chillstep/Bass]               TAKEN BY INFINITY
  • Jade Drum Cover                                    [Drum]                             TAKEN BY PigBoyVEVO


I am so excited to share this with you guys! I wont be on as much, due to a school project i am working on as of right now, but i still will be able to read and reply to all of your comments and reviews on any of my stuff. i have recently got the demo version of massive, but as anyone who has ever gotten the demo version of massive before, it only works for a limited time, and then it shuts off... so it sucks in that way. as does the demo version of serum sadly, so i can't get that either... but before i get any of that stuff, i need FL Studio fruity edition instead of the demo, so imma be saving up for a little while... but it costs only $124.99 CAD, so im gonna get it sometime... maybe just not right now, i still think demo is efficiant enough :\ The majician just releced a song called never cry again, and that will be jade in the album, so be sure to check it out! i have just finished my 4th entrie for the Dubstep wars, and so i am dying to see the results :)

So, see ya when this album is done :)

The Best,