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Happy to do studio work, with or for anyone that needs it. If you have a game or any project you want me to do work for, i'll do it, free of any kind of charge. I'll do studio work as long as the song or loop you need doesn't exceed ten minutes. -DJRC :)

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Jewels WIP

Posted by DJRadiocutter - October 20th, 2017

Hi guys, as you most likely know, i am making a new album, and i just got a final submission for ruby, and here is the list i will be collabing with for my new album.  i need 100 subs on YT and then i will put out the album, and get a bit more free time to do whatever i want... (i miss those days :P)



  • Emerald:           Finished                        [Trance/Upbeat]            TAKEN BY HYENAEDON
  • Diamond:          Finished                        [Electro/Hardcore]         TAKEN BY ME
  • Amethyst:          Finished                        [Chillectronic]                TAKEN BY JEEMBOO1216
  • Ruby:                                                      [Dark/Ambient]              TAKEN BY HALO HALO
  • Sapphire:                                                [Space/Dark]                 TAKEN BY KOUNTERATTACK
  • Turquoise:                                               [Space/Breakbeat]         TAKEN BY JELLYJAMSOX 
  • Jade:                 Finished       Out Now   [Calm/Trance]                 TAKEN BY THEMAJICIAN
  • Onyx:                Finished                        [Dark/Electro]                  TAKEN BY STORMBLAST XL
  • Opal:                                                       [Bright/moving]               TAKEN BY THAPREDATOR
  • Topez:                                                     [Orchestral/Intense]        TAKEN BY OJWOWO 
  • Garnet:                                                    [Trance/Glitch hop]         TAKEN BY SADOBEAM
  • Uranium:                                                 [Chillstep/Bass]               TAKEN BY INFINITY
  • Jade Drum Cover                                    [Drum]                             TAKEN BY PigBoyVEVO


I am so excited to share this with you guys! I wont be on as much, due to a school project i am working on as of right now, but i still will be able to read and reply to all of your comments and reviews on any of my stuff. i have recently got the demo version of massive, but as anyone who has ever gotten the demo version of massive before, it only works for a limited time, and then it shuts off... so it sucks in that way. as does the demo version of serum sadly, so i can't get that either... but before i get any of that stuff, i need FL Studio fruity edition instead of the demo, so imma be saving up for a little while... but it costs only $124.99 CAD, so im gonna get it sometime... maybe just not right now, i still think demo is efficiant enough :\ The majician just releced a song called never cry again, and that will be jade in the album, so be sure to check it out! i have just finished my 4th entrie for the Dubstep wars, and so i am dying to see the results :)

So, see ya when this album is done :)

The Best,



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