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2017-10-20 08:46:12 by DJRadiocutter

Hi guys, as you most likely know, i am making a new album, and i just got a final submission for ruby, and here is the list i will be collabing with for my new album.  i need 100 subs on YT and then i will put out the album, and get a bit more free time to do whatever i want... (i miss those days :P)



  • Emerald:           Finished                        [Trance/Upbeat]            TAKEN BY HYENAEDON
  • Diamond:          Finished                        [Electro/Hardcore]         TAKEN BY ME
  • Amethyst:          Finished                        [Chillectronic]                TAKEN BY JEEMBOO1216
  • Ruby:                                                      [Dark/Ambient]              TAKEN BY HALO HALO
  • Sapphire:                                                [Space/Dark]                 TAKEN BY KOUNTERATTACK
  • Turquoise:                                               [Space/Breakbeat]         TAKEN BY JELLYJAMSOX 
  • Jade:                 Finished       Out Now   [Calm/Trance]                 TAKEN BY THEMAJICIAN
  • Onyx:                Finished                        [Dark/Electro]                  TAKEN BY STORMBLAST XL
  • Opal:                                                       [Bright/moving]               TAKEN BY THAPREDATOR
  • Topez:                                                     [Orchestral/Intense]        TAKEN BY OJWOWO 
  • Garnet:                                                    [Trance/Glitch hop]         TAKEN BY SADOBEAM
  • Uranium:                                                 [Chillstep/Bass]               TAKEN BY INFINITY
  • Jade Drum Cover                                    [Drum]                             TAKEN BY PigBoyVEVO


I am so excited to share this with you guys! I wont be on as much, due to a school project i am working on as of right now, but i still will be able to read and reply to all of your comments and reviews on any of my stuff. i have recently got the demo version of massive, but as anyone who has ever gotten the demo version of massive before, it only works for a limited time, and then it shuts off... so it sucks in that way. as does the demo version of serum sadly, so i can't get that either... but before i get any of that stuff, i need FL Studio fruity edition instead of the demo, so imma be saving up for a little while... but it costs only $124.99 CAD, so im gonna get it sometime... maybe just not right now, i still think demo is efficiant enough :\ The majician just releced a song called never cry again, and that will be jade in the album, so be sure to check it out! i have just finished my 4th entrie for the Dubstep wars, and so i am dying to see the results :)

So, see ya when this album is done :)

The Best,




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Thanks :)