New EP coming soon

2017-06-10 18:45:33 by DJRadiocutter

With all of the songs that hyenaedon has helped me with, i have decided that it has been enough, and i wanted to do a collab. So, him and i will be doing a colaborative EP sometime, and it will be posted sometime within the next 2 months. i don't know EXACTLY when, so i can't make any promises. it depends how fast our production rate is. 

Bye- DJRadiocutter

Shoutout to Hyenaedon

2017-05-07 08:27:53 by DJRadiocutter

Hyenaedon has been so helpful when it comes to constructive feedback/critisism, i have decided to give him a shoutout. I think that this guy deserves this shoutout because he has been so helpful in the last couple of days, and i cannot wait to collab with him. So, shoutout to him and one of his songs: Golden Fields


Good Bye Hye ;)

His YT channel

His NG page

You do  have to ask me if you can remix/Re- upload my songs, but you will not get copyright. (That is it)