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What I Want What I Want

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i still hear some pitch problems, as in chords not sounding on key... but the vocals sound pretty cool :D this is a different style for you, good job! 1:28 BLEW MY MIND :O it nearly actually blew up :P honestly, i cant unhear this (in a good way) but seriously where do you get these vocals :O the spectrum seems like all the mid frequencies are higher as in more boosted than any other frequencies, i like the classic clap sound, so 5.5 just because ;D


TheMajician responds:

There is an a capella site called I get most my a capellas there. This one though was from an abletunes pack. And the mid boosting was me (cuz i didnt really wanna use a riser) automating the hyper and flanger dry/wet in a serum FX. As for the pitch its in Fminor and the only black key not in that scale is F#, but i kept forgetting that and i bounce all midi to audio so i couldnt change it:( I was going for the not-what-you-expect kinda drop. So thank you!!

Catastrophe Catastrophe

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Shadow Party Shadow Party

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IIEE another Harmor user :D Whoa, ok, where'd u get those vocal samples? What Presets did u use for the drop? and the intro sounds like an edited "growler" preset? anyway, enough questions,

Keep it up bro! :D


DJStormblastXL responds:

I have used Sytrus for the drop/growl. For the vocal, i have register my voice and i have mixed with Vocodex

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Mainspring Mainspring

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NOICE DUDE :D maybe a bit too much water, but other than that, AWESOME :D

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Waterflame responds:

Thanks! :) I feel like the water helps with the scale

DrillDrone Concept art DrillDrone Concept art

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This picture is so cool, though, i just want to know, since it is 2017 now, are you still making the game?